Yak Wool Pashmina
Jules - Large Hand woven Pure Yak Wool "Pashmina" Shawl  from The Himalayas

Jules - Large Hand woven Pure Yak Wool "Pashmina" Shawl from The Himalayas

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100% Pure Yak Wool

A gorgeous large super soft shawl made from yak wool "pashmina" obtained from Kargyam village in the Changthang area of Ladakh in the Himalayas. It is a luxurious statement piece that is a joy to wear and will be sure to get you many compliments.

"Cosy up" by the fire, scrunch around your neck or great for meditation - this beautiful shawl can do it all!

A number of crafts people have contributed to the making of these beautiful and very soft shawls. They were hand woven by Afsana Begum and her husband Mohammed Gulzar in Rampur village near Dehradun. 

There may be small variations in size as it is made on a hand loom. There may also be some inconsistencies in weaving, which add to the character of the shawl. The hand spinning may cause irregularities in thickness of yarn which is a characteristic of this hand made process. The length is about 90 inches (229 cm) and width 36 inches (91 cm). There are also tassels of roughly 4 inches (10 cm).

Dyes: natural colour of yak pashmina, to show the natural  beauty.
Weave: twill
Please treat your shawl kindly; we would recommend dry cleaning this wonderful piece and storing in a sealed bag when not in use.