Jane - Vintage Kantha Sari Silk Scarf
Jane - Vintage Kantha Sari Silk Scarf
Vintage Sari Silk scarf  with kantha embroidery - Soft peach and pink
Jane - Vintage Kantha Sari Silk Scarf
Jane - Vintage Kantha Sari Silk Scarf

Jane - Vintage Kantha Sari Silk Scarf

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 No single two pieces of kantha have, or will, ever be the same.

Beautiful Vintage Sari Silk is used to make these amazing scarves.

Two layers of Vintage Silk are stitched together using Kantha embroidery to create a fabulous reversible scarf. Kantha is an embroidery in which women hand sew rows of tiny running stitch from end to end to provide strength and to enable the recycling of Saris. This Kantha creates a rich, rippling effect across the fabric and adds a unique texture to the products. 

Not all Kantha Stitching is equal... ours is fabulous! 

Each artisan embroiders her name in Bengali in the corner of the scarf, just as an artist will sign their work. We hope this will remind you of the long journey your scarf has taken to reach you and the positive impact your purchase is making on the artisan and her family!  

Each piece is unique - you will never see the same combination of fabrics and threads twice.  Our Kantha is of the highest quality, stitched by women whose families have been sewing Kantha for generations in the Kantha heartland, West Bengal, India. The scarf undergoes at least seven steps of quality control. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. 

The use of recycled saris and 100% handmade processes reduces waste and is carbon neutral. All the handwork is provided by a women’s cooperative, providing members regular employment, living wages and safe & flexible working conditions.The embroidery is exclusively done by women from highly marginalised communities. This work often provides their only source of income.

Size: 45-55cm x 200-215cm

Made from upcycled Silk Saris in India. Kantha stitch is made using cotton thread. Some Sari fabric may contain small amounts of cotton woven into the borders.
Please treat your shawl kindly.  We would recommend a cold hand wash in non biological washing liquid, line dry and iron.