Nina - Hand Woven Luxury Linen Shawl
Navy Linen Shawl
Linen Shawl with Zari Thread
Nina - Hand Woven Luxury Linen Shawl
Linen Shawl _ Zari Thread
Handwoven Linen Shawl - Zari Thread
Nina - Hand Woven Luxury Linen Shawl

Nina - Hand Woven Luxury Linen Shawl

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100% Hand Woven Linen

This luxury lightweight linen shawl is gauzy, semi-sheer, and gorgeous!

This would make a fabulous 4th wedding anniversary gift!

Soft to the touch, the fabric has a beautiful texture and drape. Highlights in silver metallic zari  thread add an element of sophistication. Our linen is sourced from one of India's finest linen producers and hand woven by expert weavers in the villages of West Bengal.

The shawls are hand-finished with a jali fringing and a contrast selvedge.

The fabric is woven by men on their home looms, while women carry out the multitude of pre and post weaving activities.  Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. 

Linen is known to crease. The more it is worn and loved the softer the creasing and the better the drape becomes. 

Eco Credentials:

This shawl has been made using  hand made processes, making this item eco-friendly. Materials are natural and thus bio-degradable.

 Weaving is completed by a for-profit family-run company ensuring weavers get full-year employment and fair wages. 

Please treat your shawl kindly.
Hand wash in cold water, mild detergent and dry in shade Iron as necessary.