Organic Silk Shawl
Peace Silk Shawl  Hand Block Printed - From Neesha Amrish
Organic Silk Shawl
Organic Peace Silk Shawl - Red

Lulu - Organic Cruelty Free Silk Shawl

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Organic "peace silk" is a sustainable and non-violent alternative to regular silk. The method used in the production of organic silk does not involve the killing of the silk worm. For that reason it is called non-violent silk or peace silk.  Eri, Tussar and Ghicha are all types of this silk. These scarves are made from Eri Silk.

Regular silk is produced from the cocoons by killing thousands of silk worms - dropping them into boiling water, before they can metamorphose into moths. By preventing the moth chewing its way through the cocoon to escape, one long continuous thread can be produced. Organic silk is produced from the cocoon where the moth is naturally released. This results in a fabric which is slubbed and multi-tonal; a truly wild silk. This silk has a wonderful drape, and is both warm in winter and cool in summer, making it a truly versatile fabric. By allowing the moth to pierce the cocoon, the resulting yarn is in many smaller pieces (instead of one continuous thread). These must be spun together to make a single thread. This process takes time and makes the silk highly valued. Organic silk is a forest-based industry and the yarn is produced in a natural untouched environment. The silk worms are reared outdoors on live trees and are not fed on plucked leaves. This natural organic silk is made in collaboration with tribal silk worm rearers. Rural spinners and weavers are used providing much needed sustainable employment to disadvantaged groups.

These hand crafted discharge printed scarves are simply beautiful!  By using discharge ink the coloured dyes are deactivated on the natural silk. It is like having a negative effect on a positive. The patterns that are printed expose the beautiful/natural golden colour of the silk.

These come to us from the amazingly talented Neesha Amrish.

We would recommend that you dry clean this fabulous shawl.