Statement Necklace  in Vintage Silk - Gold/Mauve
Statement Necklace in Vintage Silk
Jade - Handmade 6 Strand Sari Silk Necklace
Jade - Handmade 6 Strand Sari Silk Necklace
Necklace In Vintage Silk _ Gold/Green
Necklace in Vintage Silk - Pink/Navy
Statement Hand Made Necklace In Vintage silk - Blues

Jade - Handmade 6 Strand Sari Silk Necklace

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Our range of Sari Necklaces are made from the Sari fabric left after the production of Kantha Sari Scarves. 

The most striking colours and prints are used. These remnants are first matched, piece-by-piece, with colourful cotton thread, and then sewn into narrow, double-layered tubes. The artisans fill these tubes with wooden prayer beads, hand-stitching each bead into place with the thread.  One piece of Sari scrap can be made into several necklaces, so positioning of print may differ very slightly from piece to piece. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. Open ties in the back allow you to wear the necklace at any length. 

The use of scrap fabric reduces waste. All materials are natural and thus bio-degradable. The exquisite handiwork is done by marginalised women and men who are provided with regular work, a living wage, safe and flexible working conditions and training.

Total length of beaded area is approximately 35 cm (13”) at the shortest string and 55 cm (21“) at the longest. Length including straps is around 130 cm (51”). The width of the necklace at centre-point is 9 cm (3”) and the drop is from 9 cm (3”). Spot clean only.
Please note the design on Sari fabric may vary