Award Winning Kutch Shawl - Natural Dye
Kutch Shawl Kala Cotton and Silk - Natural Dye

Holly - Hand Woven Organic Kala Cotton Shawl

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This  extraordinarily beautiful shawl is a masterpiece of Bhujodi weaving. This community of weavers come from India's Kutch desert area. They have retained traditional skills and perfected natural dyeing techniques to gain fast, true colours. A century ago this high-quality weaving was only done for the local prestige market. Today Bhujodi weaving is recognised worldwide for its skill and beauty. 
Kala cotton is an indigenous, old world organic cotton. It grows easily in the desert conditions, and needs only the monsoon rain to thrive.
This shawl has a GI tag to show its authenticity.
100% hand spun, hand woven Kala Cotton with supplementary weft in tussar silk and tassels on the border.
Please be aware that natural dye will change colour over time- we think this just adds to the beauty of this piece.
Hand wash in cold non biological liquid, dry in the shade, iron if necessary. (Dark colours may transfer).