Handwoven Organic Mulberry Silk Shawl

Handwoven Organic Mulberry Silk Shawl

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100% Organic Mulberry Silk


These stunning handwoven mulberry silk shawls come from a social enterprise in Vientiane, Laos. This enterprise seeks to create income-generating opportunities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The company provides training, tools and a market for the artisans. Traditional community arts of silkworm rearing, reeling weaving and natural dyeing are encouraged.

The production of silk is labour intensive, and involves many people in the community, in all aspects of production. From growing the trees to the hand crafting of the silk and creating the dyes, the production utilises local labour, knowledge and resources, which in turn encourages self sufficiency.

 These amazing shawls are certified organic silk, which have been naturally dyed using  locally sourced plants, soils, bark etc.  The distinctive linen appearance sets this silk apart from other silk, and speaks of the gentle strength of the people who produce it.

70cm x 180cm

Please treat your shawl with kindness to prolong its beauty.  Dry clean, or gently hand wash in cool water with gentle soap. Dry out of direct sunlight.