Hand Spun, Hand Woven- Peace silk Shawl
Phoebe - Hand Woven Ahimsa Silk Shawl
Phoebe - Hand Woven Ahimsa Silk Shawl

Phoebe - Hand Woven Ahimsa Silk Shawl

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Ahimsa silk, also known as non-violent or peace silk, is a more sustainable approach to silk production which does not involve the killing of the silk worms and provides employment to rural spinners and weavers, most of whom are women.

Ahimsa silk refers to any type of silk that is produced without harming or killing the silk worms. This is in contrast to conventional silk, where 3,000 caterpillars are killed to create one pound of silk. Ahimsa silk is not only environmentally friendly, vegan and ethical, it’s also extremely luxurious in terms of the drape and texture of the fabric.The silk is less lustrous than typical silk, but is incredibly soft and has a slubbed texture and a wonderful drape.  It retains warmth in winter and breathes in the heat so is comfortable to wear year round.  

This Ahimsa silk range is made using Mulberry silk that has been hand spun and hand woven. Natural Dyes are used on this stunning shawl

This is a super sized shawl for you to enjoy.
225cm x 91cm