Indian Pakistani Wedding Shoe.  Hand embellished Jutti
Handmade Hand Embellished Jutti Shoes-Cream with Sparkle

Handmade Hand Embellished Jutti Shoes-Cream with Sparkle

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These stunning shoes, sometimes known as Jutti, or Khussa shoes, are made for us by Soma International.   Soma is a social business based in Karachi, Pakistan. With an emphasis on empowering women and the protection and nurturing of children, Soma produces exquisite shoes and sandals made with passion -and a little fantasy too!
Artisans work together to produce these beautiful and unique shoes; the men work to shape the leather and the women embellish the shoes with stunning embroidery as well as supervise the overall production and management of the business.
Soma collaborates with the Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony (RLCC), a charity founded by the First Lady of Pakistan Ratana Liaquat Ali Khan “to empower women through improved health, education and economic independence.”
All Soma's shoes are made from materials free from any harmful substances. Soma is against the use of endangered species and does not use child labour.  Shoes may feel snug at first but after 1-2 wears they will open up and mould according to your feet.