Ajrakh Hand Block Printed
Ajrakh- Hand Block Printed- Natural Dye
Ajrakh- Hand Block Printed Natural Dye
Ajrakh - block Printing by Hand- Natural Dye
Grace - Ajrakh Hand Block Printed Cotton Dupatta Shawl

Grace - Ajrakh Hand Block Printed Cotton Dupatta Shawl

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This Ajrakh shawl is made from extremely light weight cotton, which has been hand block printed.

Ajrakh is an ancient block printing method on textiles which originated in the provinces of Sindh in Pakistan and the neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The word 'ajrakh' itself we think can mean different things.  According to some people the word originates from the Arabic word ajrakh, which means blue, one of the chief colours in ajrakh printing. Other people say that the word comes from the two Hindi words - aaj and rakh, meaning, "keep it today."

Originally the cloth would have been used as a "lunghi" and tied around the waist, or as turban or simply as a multi-purpose cloth flung over the shoulder.

The beautiful Ajrakh textiles were often given as a gift on special occasions, and would be  used again special occasions.

Natural dye has been used in the making of these dupatta shawls.

Hand wash separately in cold water.  Do not soak. Do not use fabric softeners or starch. Dry in the shade.  Add a handful of salt to first rinse to maintain brilliance of colour.

Size 110cm x 240cm