Fair Trade Raffia Shopper
Fair Trade Raffia Shopper

Fair Trade Raffia Shopper

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100% Sustainable Raffia

These beautiful Bags come to us from Madagascar. The bags are hand crafted in Madagascar by local artisans, using centuries old weaving techniques. Nothing mass produced here!
The raffia used in these bags is all natural, sustainably sourced and originates from the native Raffia tree. Raffia palms grow in the middle of the tropical Madagascan rainforest. The palms actually need to be harvested to allow other fauna and flora to grow.
The fibres harvested from these trees are often used in Madagascan culture to weave baskets and hats. The fibre, once treated, is strong, durable and biodegradable.
The making of these bags creates work for local people, providing sustainable year round income and showcasing the amazing craftsmanship of the Madagascan women.